“Founded in 1948, the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) is a private, nonprofit organization composed of educational and cultural institutions, professional scholars, and private individuals. ARCE’s mission is to support research on all aspects of Egyptian history and culture, foster a broader knowledge about Egypt among the general public, and strengthen American-Egyptian cultural ties.

“Through grants, fieldwork and field schools, ARCE’s partnership with Egyptians contributes to the shared goal of cultural heritage preservation. Over the years, ARCE’s strong relationship with the Ministry of Antiquities (MOA) (formerly the Supreme Council of Antiquities) has ensured the success of our work together.” – ARCE National Mission Statement

The Missouri Chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt aims to celebrate and share the culture and history of Egypt, from the ancient through Islamic periods with Missouri and its neighboring communities. Our focus is outreach and education, making ancient Egypt more accessible. We educate through lectures, workshops, tours, and social events. Our events are led by scholars and specialists in Egyptology, Coptic, and Islamic studies and related fields. We aim to find speakers and topics which are accessible, interesting, and fun for all audiences. We also strive to provide a community in which institutions, professionals in the field, and non-professionals of all ages can share their knowledge, interest, and love for Egypt.

Our Chapter Logo

ARCE-MO’s logo was created by Co-Director Clara Wright. The design of a nefer bead between two wadjet eyes was inspired by a hieroglyphic tattoo discovered on a Deir-el-Medina mummy by ARCE-MO Co-Director Dr. Anne Austin. Dr. Austin presented her work on this specific tattoo at the 2nd Missouri Egyptological Symposium, a gathering which ultimately led to the foundation of our ARCE chapter. The hieroglyphs themselves are a mirrored text, reading ir nfr ir or ir nfr, meaning “to do good.” It is therefore not only symbolic of our chapter’s earliest beginnings, but also of our ultimate mission– to have a positive impact in the Egyptological discipline and our local communities.

Redbubble Store

Did you know ARCE-MO has a Redbubble shop where you can get cool ARCE-MO merch like t-shirts, water bottles, tote bags, hats, stickers, notebooks, and more? It’s a great way to support ARCE-MO, help our visibility out in the world, and contribute to our Chapter.

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